Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Linky love.

I don't do this very often, but tonight in honor of my 35th follower (!!! can you tell I'm SO EXCITED??! Because it's a nice, neat number, and we all know how important that is, right?), I'm going to share a little linky love.

I just came home after a long day of work, laundry and ironing, cooking for home, cooking for 25 teenagers, practicing with a singing group, and church, and read this post at The Pioneer Woman. I've got number one. I'm working on number two. Boy, I have a long way to go.

And while you're at PDub's, check out the recipes. This is one of my favorites, and so is this, and I could eat this for breakfast. In fact, I have. Don't hold it against me. And someday I'm going to make these so I can have a proper tea whenever I want. Did you know tea is not just a drink? It's an event of great culinary importance with its own set of rules and food choices. And by law, it must include scones.

Ree also has a lot of photography knowledge, so if you're a novice like me, head on over and learn "What the heck is an aperture?" She even gives away an occasional camera. I'm still waiting for my lucky break.

I also love Melissa's blog. She makes me feel like it's ok to be normal. And she takes great pictures too.

And I love how DeeDee makes me laugh while she's struggling with health issues.

And now, since I can't concentrate on two things at once, I'm going to give my full attention to Man vs. Food eating deep dish pizza in Chicago. We have priorities.

Buon appetito!

Be thankful ~



Connie said...

I started reading PW and Fiddledeedee thanks to you! You were my first tho and I have enjoyed reading your blog.

Was the deep dish Gino's East? We had it last year when we were there and it was wonderful! I once got pizza out of a vending machine in Chicago and it was good. Only Chicago could manage that!

Brother Ben said...

Isn't the # 35 a prime number?

Adamous:) said...

Uhh, no, Uncle Ben. It's not. 5x7=35. Wow. Opposites attract.
-Sarah Adamou

Fiddledeedee said...

Karen, I just adore you. {{{Hugs}}}