Friday, September 17, 2010

Another day, another $241 spent on cars.

For people with no car payments, we sure do spend a lot of money on cars. This week it was getting Man-boy's car through inspection. One brake caliper, a parking light, a battery tie-down (rolling my eyes), two tires, and a front-end alignment later, and we have a sticker for another year.

For the record, we spend a lot because we currently have five vehicles on the road. They all have well over 200,000 miles (except the Taurus, which, bless it's heart, is on its third transmission and only has 175,000 . . . don't buy a Taurus unless you want to help your transmission guy put his kids through college.) but they're paid for, so we feel like we're still ahead of the game.

In happier news, I have a few pictures of the Bean to share. First, his serious side:

Look at those cheeks! I want to scoop him up and kiss kiss kiss that fat little face!

He's happy here because he and his mama are going to an epically (I think that's a made-up word) huge yard sale. I'd be smiling too!

Tomorrow we have a car wash, I work 4 hours, Man-boy refs youth-rec soccer and works for the neighbor, and poor neglected Pete gets to go for a walk. Happy Saturday!

Be thankful ~



Connie said...

What a cutie pie! They grow up too fast. Next thing you know he will be needing a car too. At least you won't be paying for that one :)

Eleanor Joyce said...

oh my goodness--when did Bean change from a baby into a little boy? Sooo grown up, and so cute! We are right with you on the cars, and sometimes I wonder about the financial sense of old cars. Really. a payment on a newer car doesn't look so bad! In the past few weeks we've put over $1000 (yes, one thousand) into a 1998 Malibu. You know the drill, 228 here, 149 there, 384 for this, and then the starter goes. We only have 3 on the road right now. Yes, I'm thankful!