Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We didn't cover map-reading skills in homeschool.

Since we've only gotten to spend a few hours with Leah since her trip to Hong Kong, we haven't heard all the stories. But we have heard the one about the team being on the other side of Amsterdam from the airport and finding out the train they needed to get back to the airport was closed.

Apparently they gave Leah the map.

This is the girl who told me she wanted a GPS because she's so bad with directions she can't find the WalMart in Greenville. They put her in charge of 9 teens and one adult male in a city on the other side of the world where people only speak Dutch.

Glad they got home.

Be thankful ~



NaomiG said...

Funny, since I've been reading through my kids books for this year, and map reading is part of their geography stuff. :-) I'm glad they got home too!!! That's funny. I think you either got it or you don't when it comes to map reading.

Connie said...

Since we travel by car quite a bit my kids have been looking at maps all their lives. They like following along while we drive so they know where they are.
Glad Leah and the others got home ok. It's funny that someone thought to take that picture!

Leah said...

Hey now, I HAD A MAP. It's when I don't have a map that things are bad. And plus Gville makes no sense. Even the townies admit it. And Dutch people speak English too! So there!

Catherine said...

My Abbi can't find her way out of a paper bag, and neither could my mother. I'm with Naomi -- either you got it or you don't.

Leah said...

P.S. I like how I'm "in charge" of the adult male LOL. I really was . . .