Thursday, August 19, 2010

An official poll.

Monday is our back-to-school day. Since Man-boy is under our church school's oversight program this so he can play on the soccer team, I have to meet all their requirements. Remember when I said I would never do this?

Yeah. Soccer wins.

The school starts on Monday the 30th, so I decided we would start a week earlier and give ourselves some wiggle room.

Then we decided to gut his room and paint it this week. Then I found out I had to give him the CAT test I bought last year and never administered. And then I found out he has to do a semester of Virginia state history. And THEN I found out the program I thought was two years of Spanish is only one.

Ask me now if I love him playing soccer.

I know we'll get through it all, but oh, GAG.

In other news, I had a coupon for a free pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, which is the only ice cream Abbie can eat (no bovine growth hormone), only I forgot to use it while she was still at home. She's back at school now, so I decided to find a new flavor to try. There's just something about an ice cream called Phish Food that keeps me from putting it near my mouth.

So I picked Strawberry Cheesecake. And you know what? It really tastes like cheesecake! Amazing stuff. It's a shame I have to walk two miles and do 30 minutes of Pilates for every teaspoon I eat. But it's my new favorite, at least until I try a new flavor.

Hey, I know! Let's take a poll, and then I'll try whichever ones you recommend. Which one is your favorite?

In other news, I have been saving like mad and am within $200 of my camera. I'm starting to get excited! Abbie's getting excited too because she wants to use it. She's a great photographer, and I'm sure her shots will put mine to shame, but I'm looking forward to learning from her.

Happy Friday!

Be thankful ~



NaomiG said...

Wow, that sounds like a lot of craziness! Karamel Sutra is my favorite Ben and Jerrys. Caramel Ice Cream, Chocolate Ice cream, and an amazing core of caramel down the middle, and fudge chunks. So good!

Anonymous said...

Great post! This all made me laugh:) I have decided in my next life I willl be a photographer. I have "encouraged" my daughter to do it and finding myself taking over.....agh! Is this why I pushed her through Algebra 2? Do I secretly wish I could be brilliant? Okay. Enough blogging in the comment section:)

Deb said...

Strawberry Cheesecake is my favorite! I only buy it in the little tiny containers to keep myself from eating an entire pint:)