Sunday, July 4, 2010

My very beautiful daughter and her very beautiful friends.

My daughter is beautiful.

Even when she's acting like a hick.

She and a few of her friends went camping Friday night and took bunches of pictures.

Brooke is a lovely young lady who plays the piano like nobody's business and sold me my awesome Cutco knives. Don't you wish you could look this good camping?

Kelce is precious and is going to make a super wife and mom someday. She's the oldest of seven children and I love her incredible blue eyes.

Joy (JNo) is a sweetheart, and she's my own personal tech support. She knows everything about a Mac and I bug her incessantly. She loves me anyway.

Kori is Kelce's younger sister, and she has enough self-confidence for the whole family of nine. This is her new haircut, which we all love. Soooo cute!

I love my daughter's friends. They're such a wonderful bunch. Sometimes I wish they were all mine, but then I think about paying for all those weddings and I get over it.

Be thankful ~


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