Monday, July 12, 2010

The long day. And dog.

In spite of the fact that I got up at 5:30, worked 5 hours, did 3 loads of laundry from start to finish, ran some errands, got the beans in the freezer and the skins off the tomatoes,  made PR's Mexican Lasagna for dinner, AND despite the fact that the humidity is 800%, I still managed to take Pete for a walk. This is what he looks like now

Doesn't he look deformed? He's so l - o - n - g! I keep threatening to make a rug out of him. Wouldn't it be beautiful?

Walking is the only way to make him relax. He spends his days pacing the house, getting into trash (and he's almost four years old), and pestering me like a little kid who doesn't know how to play by himself. Look how happy he is now!

So why do I wait until evening? Because of the work, laundry, errands, beans, tomatoes, dinner, and humidity.

Lovely called from Orlando today. They are flying out tonight heading for Amsterdam. They'll get there in the morning and spend the day sightseeing there. Then they leave tomorrow night for Hong Kong. I'm so jealous! Abbie and I decided if we ever won the lottery we wouldn't buy a big house or fancy car. We would travel. I'm letting you know just in case it ever happens so you can remind me.

Be thankful ~


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