Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catching up from yesterday.

I was working at my computer yesterday afternoon when I turned around to see the headless teenager sleeping on my bed:

The headless teenager will be preaching in church tonight.

Later in the afternoon, Abbie brought her roommate Janeil home for the weekend. They were up to no good with chocolate cake batter:

And then I came back from my 2-mile walk and figured out why I can't lose weight:


In other riveting news, my iPod can't decide whether it wants to live or die. The capacity was down to about 50 songs (it's been washed and dried a few times). Last time I tried to change the playlist, it wouldn't take the new one. Then today I tried again and it worked (or so I thought). But every time I turned around I got another  blinking box telling me about a new problem (iPod can't be synced, list is in use, can't be disconnected, won't do anything you say, etc.). Finally, I unplugged and re-plugged it and it took the new playlist (all 48 songs!) and seems to be charging without incident.

iPods were not meant to be washed.

Be thankful ~


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