Saturday, June 19, 2010

PhotoHunt: Six

Scraping the bottom of the iPhoto barrel here, but it's all I've got.

Six: the number of ingredients in the most awesome bread on the planet. Made by Great Aunt Ethel since I was a little girl. Read the tutorial here.

News of the day: Mike has left San Antonio and is on his way to lovely Monterey, California, to the Defense Language Institute where he will be learning Chinese. From 110 degrees to 55 all in one day. He says flying in uniform has its advantages: a complete stranger bought him a coffee at Starbucks. It's also amusing: a little boy asked him if he was the pilot. Sounds like a good day.

Be thankful ~


Edited to add: I realized just moments ago (an hour after posting this) that my photo doesn't include the buttermilk, water, and melted butter, so there are really 9 ingredients. Sorry. It's the only "six" photo I could find, so I'm not taking it down.

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