Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The boys' fishing trip and a knife saleswoman.

I don't remember if I mentioned that the boys went to Washington (state) to fish last week.

It looks like Washington, doesn't it? Man-boy is reeling one in

and it was delicious! We ate the first half of it last night. Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the Man reeling one in because he was the photographer and he hasn't yet mastered the art of reeling in a 10-pound steelhead with one hand while photographing the event with the other. But my proof that he actually caught it is in the freezer. (The other guy in this picture is the guide, whom my boys paid $175 EACH to take them to the fish. I need his job.)

Today a lovely Cutco representative magically appeared in my dining room and tried valiantly to sell me $2000 worth of knives, and I'm not even kidding. If I had access to Warren Buffett's bank account, I would totally have bought them all, but I'm not even a distant relative.

Here she is demonstrating the awesome kitchen shears on a penny:

and here's the redesigned penny:

I was most impressed and bought just a couple of knives which I will be making payments on for three months, and again, I'm not even kidding. Call me a sucker for a young lady trying to work her way through college, but these really are amazing knives and I know that because her mother has had them for eight years and I've seen them in action. So I hope that makes me less of a sucker and more of a connoisseur of good knives. At least that's how I'm telling it.

Be thankful ~


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