Tuesday, May 25, 2010

♫ Oh, I looooove technology. ♫

Those of you who have wasted 92 minutes of your life watching the worst movie ever made will now be singing that song in your heads all day long. You're welcome.

I'm sitting here alone in my house trying to work. I'm on the couch with my laptop (where else?) in my lap. The dishwasher is washing my dishes, the washing machine is washing my clothes, and the air conditioner is keeping me cool and comfortable. I have my cell phone next to me so I don't have to get up if someone calls. After raising five children, I'm not sure I can call this work.

Lovely is at school teaching pre-teens how to write a song and Abbie and the man-boy have gone to the Baltimore Aquarium. I almost went with them, but decided I'd better stay home and get some "work" done. It's going to be a brutal day, but somebody's got to stay here and push the buttons.

Be thankful ~


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