Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lots of visuals today.

I promise I am still here and sometimes I even do some thinking. But not today.

This morning we wrangled the beast into the van and took him to the vet. Doesn't that give you a great mental picture of what happened? In reality, we opened the back doors, he jumped in, and we couldn't get him to jump out so we could put the crate in. He loves the van (or the truck) because it means, "Hey! We're going somewhere!" Doesn't matter that he's going to be poked and prodded with a muzzle on his face and have his nails cut. In Pete's case, stupidity is bliss. They must give him a lot of treats.

The vet tech just called to tell me Pete had been an angel (Seriously? MY Pete?) and he was ready to be picked up, so we're off again. But first, I have to share the photo of the day with Deb's caption below:

Cram it in, gag it up. Repeat.

Have fun with that.

Be thankful ~


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