Thursday, April 1, 2010

A few photos. And crabby tendons.

Well here we are at the end of another Thursday. I should be looking forward to the weekend, but I'm afraid all it holds is more work. I'm trying to get a bunch done before I take my week off.

So rather than have my own pity party, I'll focus on Sticky Bean, whom I will see on my week off. Has a Grammy ever been so excited?

Bean is crawling now, and standing up if he has something to hold on to. And of course, he's discovered all the fun stuff in the kitchen cabinets.


And pasta:

Sooooooo precious!

Man-boy has been taking a few pictures too. Here's one he got today by the cherry tree:

I love the bee.

In other news of the day, Lovely has diagnosed me with tendinitis (Yes, even though it's a tendon, it's tendinitis. I checked.) in my right hand/wrist/arm. And she has prescribed stretches and exercises and anti-inflammatory drugs, and let me tell you, if anyone in this family knows about tendinitis, it's Lovely. Her tendons haven't been happy since she picked up her first violin.

I think my problems started when I got the Mac. Not that I don't love it—I do. But it suddenly became very easy to take my work and sit on the couch by the woodstove on a cold morning. So I did. And apparently held my hands at the precise angle that makes your tendons mad. So now they're being crabby. Any advice?

Be thankful ~


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