Friday, April 16, 2010

Day whatever it is.

Oh, goodness, what a great day.

Mike graduated from Air Force BMT (basic military training—you might as well start learning the new lingo right now, because you're going to hear a lot of it). We spent the day with him, Mom and Dad, and David, Deb, and Sticky Bean. Ate lunch, went back to get Mike's orders, hung out at Starbucks, got ice cream, spent some time playing in Barnes & Noble, ate pizza in the BX (base exchange), and dropped Mike off at his squadron. It was so good just to listen to him talk and tell stories. I'm so proud.

I'm also tired in the extreme, so I'll share a few pictures and hit the hay.

This was his wingman for the day. Whenever they're away from the squadron, they must have a wingman, and you never leave your wingman. I think that's designed to keep them out of trouble when they go out in town.

In ranks at graduation. He was the tallest one in his flight.

His flight won the BEAST Excellence award. BEAST stands for something. I have no idea what. I'm still learning the language. But this flag is a big deal.

They had to change into their blues to go off base. Here's our airman with my mom and dad.

Bean did really well today, in spite of all the waiting we did. He's growing out of his crabbiness. Cheerios and pizza bones help.

And two big jars of turkey/rice and sweet potatoes. He's serious about his eating.

Tomorrow we spend our day in airports and planes. Can't wait.

Be thankful ~


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