Thursday, March 11, 2010

I embraced the pot roast!

I have NEVER made a good pot roast. My husband has always raved about his grandmother's pot roast, and I've tried a few times, but never really had success. They were always a little too dry, a little too tough, not enough flavor, not enough juice. And then when Abbie developed her allergy to recombinant bovine growth hormone (rbST), we gave up everything but organic beef.

Have you priced organic beef lately? I get mine at Target, and I can tell you ground organic beef is just shy of $5 a pound. We eat a lot of chicken. I haven't been brave enough to look at the price of a roast.

But now that Abbie is spending most of her time away at college, we get to eat beef now and then.

So last week someone posted a link on facebook to The Pioneer Woman, who was making the rounds of morning television, showing the world how to cook real, cowboy-tested food. On Fox's morning show, she made her famous cinnamon rolls (I haven't tried those yet.). Then on Good Morning America, she made pot roast and mashed potatoes.

And my mouth was watering in spite of my shredded wheat.

So I went out and bought a cast iron Dutch oven, a big'ol chuck roast, and made the pot roast. Here's what it looks like in the pot:

When she says it will be falling apart, she's not kidding. Get a slotted spoon to dish it up. And here's what it looks like on the plate with the carrots, hash brown casserole, and homemade wheat rolls:

Are you drooling? You can read Ree's very entertaining recipe here.

Go. Embrace the pot roast.

Be thankful ~


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