Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everything you need to know to stay safe.

Today I went to a self-defense class for women. It was entertaining, and we had fun watching Cindy fight off her attacker from the ground:

Steve Pettit said it years ago at The Wilds, and all of my daughters remember it: Good girls stay home at night.

But in the event you just have to be out at night, by yourself, with no gun or male protection, in a dark, deserted place where no woman should be (what are you thinking??), here's what to do if you're attacked:

Make eye contact. Start yelling. That's yelling in an aggressive way, not screaming in fright. You want to be a fighter, not a petrified victim. Use your claw-hands and go for the eyes. Use the heel of your hand and go for the nose and throat (windpipe). If he can't see or breathe, he can't attack. Use your knee and go for the, um, you know. Don't stop fighting!

That's it in a nutshell.

Just thinking about violence like that might shock you, but wouldn't you like to be known as the woman who fought her attacker and won? I would.

Be thankful ~


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