Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The monkeys think I'm ditzy.

Melissa at A Familiar Path says some days it's ok to stay in your jammies all day. Today was one of those days. I seriously had to change out of my smiley-monkey pajamas into my yoga pants for Pilates at 4 this afternoon. But I do some of my best thinking in the smiley-monkey pajamas, so unless the UPS guy rings the doorbell, I feel good about staying in them all day.

Hoopty breathed her final breath today. She very kindly allowed me to finish an E-Book I was working on and send it to my boss. I was doing a Google search for the Mac equivalent of alt codes, and she froze up solid like a Minnesota pond in January. I think she knew I had betrayed her. I told her I was sorry and pulled the plug one final time.

Now I have to figure out how to hook up my 17-inch monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the Mac.

Speaking of keyboards, when I first disconnected all the peripheral (don't you love that word?) components, I sat Mac on the desk and plugged the mouse in. Then I proceeded to pull out my keyboard and start typing. I sat there thinking, "What on earth is wrong with this thing?" since no words were showing up on screen. Yeah. That was my duh moment for the day.

But then not two minutes later I had another one (same thing). *sigh* The monkeys were not smiling down on me. Or maybe they were laughing at me.

OK, so I'm going to finish Judges now. Ben keeps getting ahead.

Be thankful ~


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