Thursday, February 18, 2010

I keep missing the random dozen, so I'm doing my own.

For your reading pleasure (or torture), a dozen random thoughts about my week.

1. Today (Thursday) was sunny and in the mid-40s. But since I spent so many hours working and trying to understand the relationship between wavelength, frequency, and the color of light, I missed most of it. When I went to Pilates at 3:30, I didn't even wear my sunglasses, just so I could feel like I soaked up some rays.

2. Mid-40s are very good for melting snow. Unfortunately, there's a LOT of snow out there to melt, so it's going to take a while. And double unfortunately, it makes a lot of mud. *sigh*

3. An old girl really can learn new tricks, but it takes longer. I'm slowly getting used to the Mac, but I still find myself looking for things where they were on Hoopty. It's a slow process.

4. Cooking for 25 teenagers can be fun. It's a lot more fun when they're all thankful, and we have some pretty thankful teenagers at our church. One in particular gushes with thanks for the meal, even when he's coming up for thirds. Leave it to a teenage boy to really appreciate food.

5. Sticky Bean has two teeth. That makes me smile.

6. Mike is off at boot camp (basic training, in the Air Force). I think about him many times a day, wondering what he's doing, how the food is (I'm such a mother), how many push-ups they've made him do, whether they're going to have pants long enough for him (he's 6'4"). Can't wait to hear the stories.

7. Someone should invent software that prevents people from typing in all caps. It's obnoxious.

8. Doctors don't know everything, and obstetricians are the worst. When the doctor tells you he needs to induce your labor early or your baby will be too big, go find a midwife. What do they think women did before ultrasounds? They waited until they went into labor. They had big babies. And they pushed them out. My mother is 5'4" and her first baby was just short of ten pounds. She pushed him out. No Lamaze, no epidural. I'm sure there are times when intervention is necessary, but it's not nearly as often as the "experts" would have you believe.

9. Every time I read the book of Ruth I think of a missionary we heard one time who was from India. He couldn't say Ruth like we do. He said "Woot." So when he first got up to preach and said, "Turn to da book of Woot," we all sat there with the deer-in-the-headlights look. He finally realized we couldn't understand him, so he said, "Da book of Woot. R-U-T-H. Woot."

10. Microsoft rearranges their Office software more often than I rearrange my furniture. Why, oh why, must they do this? Title case used to be so easy to find.

11. Isn't it nice that God made it so dark chocolate is good for you?

12. My daughters love to shoot guns. I think that's awesome.

Be thankful ~


PS. I thought of another one. Abbie and her dorm-mates have weekly hall meetings, which usually have a theme. This week's theme was superheros. Abbie went as Captain Underpants.

(sorry Jess. It was the only picture of Abbie I could find. ;)  )

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