Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I win the gold in boring.

Why am I sitting here composing a blog post at 10:30 pm, you ask? Because there are not enough hours in a day, even when that day starts at 5 am and you finally quit work at 10:15 pm. It's been a long one.

So since I have to suffer, you're going to suffer right along with me. Let me see how boring I can make this . . .

I finished the E-Book I was working on this morning, and then packed up to take the Mac to the doctor. Since I got it last week, I haven't been able to open a jpg, pdf, or gif file through Word, which drives me out of my mind and makes me want to grab somebody at Microsoft by the throat. And since I paid a tidy sum of money for the ole Mac-aroon,  I thought it should work right.

So I went to the closest Best Buy that sells Apple stuff and presented Mac and her file phobias to the Geek Squad. Bless their hearts, they tried, but after 45 minutes they had to admit they had no clue. They offered the services of Ryan, their resident Mac pro, so I asked when he would be there.

Captain Geek said, "Well, uh, he, uh, kinda just comes and goes."

Well that's definitive.

So I decided I would just come and go to a different Best Buy. I drove 15 miles north and found Patrick (a very nice Middle Eastern man with an Irish name—why does that crack me up? It's like naming a Chihuahua "Killer."), who messed around with a few things and finally fixed the problem by installing Firefox. Apparently Safari was the one with file phobia. He also discovered why AutoFill wouldn't work (fixed by Firefox as well), and talked me through connecting my remote monitor. Patrick-Ahmed was worth the drive.

And now since my eyes are rolling back in my head, I will mercifully end here.

Be thankful ~


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