Monday, January 25, 2010

A special mommy moment.

I'm inspired by Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee to share a special mommy moment I've had recently.

Mike is finished with his job at the Media Research Center, and has the next three weeks off before heading to Air Force Basic Training in San Antonio in mid-February. So Ben has projects lined up for him to work on. One of those projects is replacing most of the windows in our house. Mike is really good at hanging windows and doors, so we're  taking advantage of his expertise before he gets away.

So today, the boys replaced two windows in my bedroom.

But let me backtrack. (I know. It's a writing no-no. But this is the blog that I own, so I can do it if I want.)

This is the house that shall forever be known as "that hideous 80's house." When we bought it, there was a funky olive green plastic shower door in the kids' bathroom (probably so we wouldn't notice the loose tile with rotted wood behind it), all the bathroom fixtures were two-tone gold and silver, the living room fan was white with gold trim, the kitchen counter tops were country blue, and every window was covered with two sets of sheers—one white and one some other color. Little by little, we are erasing the horrible decorating evidence, but the white and burgundy sheers were still hanging in my bedroom.

So when the boys came in to start tearing the place apart, Mike removed the sheers and piled them on my bed. Later in the day when we were cleaning up, I started taking them off the rods and shoving them in a garbage bag. As I was reveling in the cleansing feeling of getting rid of those sorry, bunched-up wads of non-fabric, I said out loud, "I would rather have NO curtains at all than put these ugly, grandmotherly things back up there."

Mike paused and said, "But you are a grandmother."

Thanks, Mike.

Be thankful ~


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