Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random, random, random.

Photo of the day:

I have no idea when or where this was taken, but I'm guessing it was summertime, since the man-boy's hair is kind of blond. Maybe summer camp? I just know I always like to see a picture when I visit a blog, so there you are. A random picture of my handsome son for no good reason.

I have no idea why I'm so incredibly tired tonight, but I am. I worked some this morning, did laundry, cleaned up some construction debris out back with the man-boy, rode the bike for 30 minutes and did Pilates for an hour. I've had much worse days and not been this tired. Did I mention I'm really tired?

And now, to accompany the random picture, a few random thoughts, in random order:

1. Farmville on facebook has got to be the most grammatically incorrect program ever written in the history of mankind. It makes me want to scream and rip somebody's eyelashes out.

2. Apparently, V-8 is good to have on hand when your blood sugar drops. Who knew? (I told you they were random thoughts.)

3. I will never eat store-bought granola again. Daughter Deb gave me her recipe for homemade granola and it is to die for. Never again will we buy Bear Naked Triple Berry Crunch. It doesn't hold a candle to Deb's. If you want the recipe, I'll be happy to post it. I eat it every morning with organic vanilla yogurt. It's a little taste of heaven.

4. Husbands who do dishes at night when you are dead tired deserve the gold star of the day. Ben earned one tonight. He even washed and dried the Crock-pot and the rice cooker, which is more than I ever do. I'm a soaker, not a scrubber. Ben is a scrubber. We are perfect complements.

5. I need a new pair of jeans. This might be the low point of 2010. Jeans shopping also makes me want to scream and rip somebody's eyelashes out. I sense a pattern here.

That's all. I'm going to bed. Maybe sleep will calm the savage beast.

Be thankful ~


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