Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The true miracle of Christmas.

Husband got home from Kuwait this morning, and after spending 45 minutes coming through 3 checkpoints (what's up with that? He was LEAVING the airplane!), we jumped in the car and enjoyed the daily Capital Beltway block party. Came home to unpack, work, sleep, do laundry, etc.

As I was sitting at my computer, Ben came in the room and suggested we go shopping later and then to get some Bang-Bang Shrimp.

I turned to look over my shoulder to make sure he was talking to me. I briefly wondered if it was jet-lag speaking, but he seemed lucid enough. I thought (in Rocky Balboa voice), "You talkin' to me?

So we'll go shopping. An invitation like that doesn't come along every day! What about you? Does your husband like to shop or hate it?

Be thankful ~


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