Thursday, December 17, 2009

Is this really considered morning?

Just jumping in here at 3:45 am because I was lying in bed not sleeping and realized I hadn't sent anything to auto-post at 4 am like I usually do. HA! I jest.

I was lying in bed trying desperately to breathe and figured I had better get up and get some steam going so I wouldn't suffocate.

I'm about to go get Abbie up so we can leave for the airport (at 4 am—who schedules these flights?). If I'm coherent later in the day, I'll be back.

Be thankful ~


ps. Started reading the Duggars' book. I love that family!

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Eleanor Joyce said...

hope you feel better soon. I just finished about a week of this, and found the only way I could sleep was by major propping up with pillows, I mean almost sitting upright in bed. Oh, and nighttime Tylenol cold medicine--I never usually touch stuff like that--but it's the only way I could breathe and not cough. Good news WILL feel better, tho it's hard to imagine now! And isn't it something how the Mom just has to keep going...