Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 3 of the worst cold of my life.

Day 3 actually began on Day 2 when I tried to go to bed at 9 pm. I slept soundly for about 20 minutes. And couldn't sleep for the rest of the night. The waterworks have been turned on in my head, and just about the time I felt drowsy, I would have to get up to blow.  I even tried keeping the box of tissues next to my bed, but for some retarded reason, I have trouble blowing my nose while I'm lying flat on my back. Who can I blame that on?

I finally got up at around 11 and took my tissues to the couch, where I sweated it out (seriously, it was 800° in the living room thanks to our woodstove and a pile of well-seasoned oak).

At 4:30 this morning when my husband left for 2 weeks in Kuwait (great timing, right?), I headed for bed, where I got all comfy-cozy and promptly began the Sneezefest of '09. I honestly don't believe I have ever sneezed so much with a cold. And not just your average, run-of-the-mill sneezes. These are violent, rattle-your-brain, the-kind-they-fake-on-cold-medicine-commercials, make-your-head-spin sneezes. Sneezes that would make Ben proud. As I sit here trying to type, it is literally every 3 minutes or less. And of course a sneeze produces a need to blow, which brings the necessity of washing the hands, and by the time I sit down and type three words, I sneeze again.

At this rate I might be able to finish this post by next week.

My hands are raw from all the washing, my nose is screaming for relief and even Puffs Plus with Lotion are not helping, and the people who make Zicam are liars—it does NOT shorten the duration or lessen the severity of cold symptoms. Unless you are Ben, in which case it is the wonder drug of the century which makes you feel better the INSTANT it dissolves in your mouth.

Hey, I just typed a whole paragraph without sneezing!

And so day 3 continues. I can assure you of this, though. I WILL take sleep-inducing drugs tonight.

Be thankful ~



Connie said...

Zicam doesn't work, I agree! One thing that does is to chug Vitamin C tablets. Forget Airborne, a bottle of Vitamin C is cheaper and lasts longer. You can't overdose on it either, if you take too much your body eliminates it. Hope you feel better soon :)

Catherine said...

Sounds gruesome. I hate Christmas colds!

I agree with Connie -- Zicam doesn't work. And you're past the Airborne stage, too. Vitamin C and zinc (10 mg), with lots and lots and LOTS of water/clear fluids. Hot water with honey and lemon can be very soothing. Maybe substitute hand sanitizer for some of those hand washes? Sanitizer isn't as rough on the skin.

Feel better soon!


Catherine said...

Oh, and chicken soup really does help, too, surprisingly. It thins the secretions.

Catherine said...

And... at the risk of hogging your blog...

I think you should blame your inability to blow your nose while recliniing on... ta da!... Mouga Schouch. (Can anyone blow their nose while lying on their back??)