Monday, November 16, 2009

The movie answer.

If you are here and haven't yet read yesterday's post, go read it here first. Don't continue reading here until you've read that one. I'll wait.

Ok, did you guess?

It's from my all-time favorite movie, While You Were Sleeping. It is Sandra Bullock at her absolute best. I've liked most of her movies (The Lake House didn't give her much of a story to work with), and since I watch so few movies to begin with, the fact that I loved this one makes it more special. You really need to go rent it/add it to your queue/whatever you do to see a movie. The kid on the bike is worth it. And her little ankle wobble when she's walking into the chapel. And Joe Jr. I laugh just thinking about it.

So here we are at Monday again and we're back to the grind. Every week I wonder how I can sit at the computer for 5 hours and only have 4 hours of work on the books, but I think I've figured it out. So much of what I do involves the computer: banking, blogging, facebooking, searching for a new sun visor for my van, keeping up with Abbie's college stuff—it's all done on the computer. At least, that's what I'm telling myself so I don't feel like I'm wasting my life on facebook.

I did get Puffer Fish done this morning, and that definitely makes me happy. It was like the E-Book that wouldn't die, and I kept putting it off for more interesting things like sell sheets and landing pages. But finally it's done, and I'll be happy if I never see another tetraodontidae. Reading blogs is much more fun.

I read this post by Eleanor, who has the most amazing story of God providing. You won't believe it.

Then I had to go and read this post at Rocks In My Dryer and now I have puppy envy.

*sigh* Think I'll go fold laundry.

Be thankful ~


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