Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cuteness and sweetness, all in one post, and with no transitions! Isn't that handy?

Oh, the preciousness! Sticky Bean has a bottle of water and is learning to hold it himself. How can something so silly make me swoon? I'm telling you, when you're a grandmother, every thing the child does is sweet, adorable, cute, precious, pick-your-adjective. And he's coming HERE next week! Along with his mom and dad, who, while we love them dearly, are not nearly as cute as Sticky.

In my effort to exercise more days than not, I took Pete the Terrible for a two-mile walk today, and now my feet hurt. I'm wondering if I need new shoes. My last pair of $100 asics (how it pains me not to capitalize a proper noun) are a year and a half old, and while that doesn't sound like much, they have a lot of miles on them. I do have an almost-new pair of Sauconys, though, that Abbie tried and didn't like, so that might get me out of the dreaded shoe shopping for a while, which is almost as bad as bathing suit shopping in my book.

Of course, the whole feet hurting thing could have something to do with the fact that I am no longer 25, which is how my brain feels, but I enjoy living in denial. I am a living, breathing dichotomy. In my mind I'm 25, but my body feels every bit of its 48 years.

After seeing the photo in this post, I had to make the Gingerbread with Lemon Sauce. Who says women are not affected by sight? Show me a picture of incredible food and I'm like a zombie—I have to cook it. So here's mine, before I inhaled it.

I would never have thought to put a lemon sauce on gingerbread, but it's more incredible than I imagined. It had already cooled by the time I got to eat a piece, so I put the sauce on it and nuked it for 20 seconds. A. Ma. Zing. Thanks, Susanne, for sharing the recipe. Go see her. She'll share with you too!

Tomorrow's the meme!

Be thankful ~


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Susanne said...

Adorable little guy. And well worthy of his grandma's adoration.

Wasn't the gingerbread good with lemon? Yum! And all the better on a pretty plate!