Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My daydream was short-lived.

I was just looking through the old files of pictures on my computer, which was at one time the family computer, so there are photos from everyone. In addition to at least 40 pictures of the dog with the same dumb expression on his face, there are hundreds of photos from the kids' trip to Romania two years ago, some from Sunday school outings, high school reunions, and scads (what's a scad?) of silly pictures that Abbie took. She's the queen of silly. Here she is with Debbie, with massively huge spoons in their mouths:

Anyway, when I saw this next one, I stopped and sighed. It's where I'd like to be right now if it were the middle of summer—Bay Head, New Jersey:

I am SO a beach person. Can't you just smell the salty air? Feel the warm wind blowing? Hear the surf pounding? If I ever win the PowerBall jackpot whatever-you-call-it, the first thing I'll do is buy a house on the beach. No fancy cars. No closet full of new clothes. Just a house on the beach where I can keep the windows open and listen to the ocean all night.

Then I was jolted back to reality by this one:

Judging by the size of the man-boy, I'd say this was taken two years ago. He's standing on our deck railing, looking out over the back yard. If you knew how far down it was, you'd be hyperventilating, which is what jolted me out of my beach-y stupor. It's not a fall he or the guitar could survive intact.

Where would you rather be?


Eleanor Joyce said...

your computer photos look remarkably like mine! I can totally relate to the dog photos. We literally have dozens of them...and I mean, how different can a dog look?
I'm a beach person too. I dream of a sweet cottage looking over the water somewhere, with my own little quiet office for writing (as opposed to the current end-of-the-couch-with-my-laptop situation.) The windows will be open and the white curtains billowing a little in the gentle breeze . . . and I'll write my opus. Sigh.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Yikes! I don't do edges and ledges and heights. Roller coasters are okay, canyons and cliffs, NO WAY.

I'd take the beach then... even though I don't like wind, sand or saltwater. But anything is better than seeing him on the edge of the deck!