Monday, September 14, 2009

Scientific research backs me up, and I'm not even kidding.

I am an academic type. I love to learn about new things and enjoy keeping myself healthy. So purely in the interest of scientific research, I did a taste test today of two different brands of dark chocolate. I keep a fancy-schmancy box of dark chocolates on my desk. (for health reasons, of course, and to hide them from the man-boy, although we have had a bag of dark-chocolate-covered raisins in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator for two weeks, and I'm still the only one who knows they're there. But now I've blown my cover.)

Anyway, last time I filled the box, I got a bag of Hershey's Special Dark Kisses. They were good, and I can tell by how vibrant and vigorous I feel that they've done me a world of good.

But Abbie is a chocolate snob, and she insists that Dove Dark Chocolate Promises are superior. So I thought, who am I to stunt scientific growth? The world needs an answer, right? In the name of antioxidants and lowering blood pressure and all.

So while I was at the commissary this morning filling our pantry with staples like Bertolli Creamy Garlic Alfredo sauce and a five-pound container of roasted cashews, I bought two bags of Dove Promises, because if dark chocolate is good for you, we might as well get the full benefit, right?

When I got home, Leah and I were putting the groceries away, and she held up the two bags and asked, "Where do these go?"

I told her, "On my desk."

Her reply was, "Of course! Stress relief!"

*rolling eyes* Some people have no appreciation for research methods.

I just happened to have a few Hershey Kisses left, so I set up a non-blind taste test.

It's no contest. Dove wins a million times over. Hershey is OK, but that's it. Just OK. Promises are incredible. Smooth and much more intense than Kisses. And they have more Epicatechin than the other brands. I read that on WebMD right here, and you know the Internet is where you should go to get the truth about your health.

So in addition to your balanced diet, get a daily fix, er, recommended allowance of antioxidants and plant flavonoids by eating Dove Dark Chocolate Promises. It will help your blood vessels dilate and relax just like a teenager's. WebMD says so.

Be thankful ~



The Johnsons said...

I personally love Dove's dark chocolate and when you can find the dark chocolate with almonds, which is rare, I thoroughly enjoy them. A close second is the Aldi brand that you get up near the cash register that comes in the long thin package and when you open it up there are small individual bars.I've only had Hershey's a couple of times but they do not compare!

Deb said...

I totally agree! Dove is the bomb.