Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being a mom is killing me.

I have a house full of teens and young adults, plus a married daughter with a new grandbaby. And it's totally wearing me out.

Last week the marrieds and grandbaby were here, as well as my mother-in-law. Great fun. Not nearly enough sleep.

Elijah, whom I affectionately refer to as man-boy (16 years old) spent the summer in Switzerland painting a small castle (or schlossli) owned by YWAM. He went with Teen Missions International out of Merritt Island, FL. We missed him terribly, though the food bill was significantly smaller. He was due to arrive at Dulles International Airport on Tuesday at 1:42 pm. We loaded up a minivan and a car with family and friends and headed up to Chantilly, about an hour away. Halfway there we were crawling along at 15 mph in very typical DC traffic, and I was banging my head on the steering wheel, kicking myself for not leaving three days early. We know what traffic is like here, and still didn't give ourselves enough time. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I had Mike on the phone at work checking Elijah's flight status. We were praying for a delay. It was probably the only day in the history of United Airlines when a mid-afternoon flight was twenty minutes early. I wanted to cry. Then Mike checked the online traffic reports and found that there was road construction ahead that was causing the delay. Of course! Northern Virginians couldn't have lived one more day without that pothole being filled, even though we all know where it is in the right-third of the middle lane at exit 163 (Lorton). It's the one we've been dodging for at least the five years I've lived here.

The jam finally cleared and we made exceptional time getting the rest of the way to Dulles (yes, I've repented). Pulled into parking spaces, tires squealing, and started running for the terminal. We found him in an almost-empty baggage claim area sitting on his duffle. Abbie saw him first and started running. I started running too, even though I didn't see him. I wondered why Abbie was sprinting toward a strange person, and then realized it was my son, 2 1/2 inches taller and ten pounds thinner, looking like a different person. What happened to the man-boy? God transformed him. Slowly but surely, he's putting away childish things and beginning to think like a man. And it shows on the outside.

We've listened to stories, looked at over a thousand pictures, and thanked God for what He can do with a willing teenager. I'm so thankful he's home.

Then this morning, 21-year-old Leah (whom I affectionately refer to as Lovely) left for Denver and the HSA (Homeschool Alumnae) annual reunion. She says I approved her flight times, but I must not have been paying attention. We left the house at 3 am to get her to Baltimore by 5 for her 6:15 flight. It was a perfect plan until I turned around and had to come home during morning rush hour on the Capital Beltway. Lucky for me, she comes home Sunday night, so there won't be a rush hour. Actually it's Monday morning, 12:45 am. Who makes these plans?

Then Wednesday of next week, Abbie moves into her dorm at Liberty University. We have so. Much. To. Do. Abbie is in denial. I have made twelve lists and can only find four of them.

I need prayer. And sleep.

Be thankful ~



opalina124 said...

Karen, Just had to say hi and tell you I love your blog. I got an email about the TOS planner that had a link and I had to check it out because I have five children whom I have homeschooled since 1992 (ages 13-22), am completely disorganized and am a serious grammar freak. After reading your blog, I discovered we both live in Northern Virginia, too, and I have made that same trek to Dulles to pick up traveling children during rush hour traffic. Nice to know that pothole got filled :-). ~Kathleen

Julie Jacobs said...

You are amazing, I so enjoy reading your blog! I saw you mentioned on The Old Schoolhouse e-mail for the planner. I had to come check you out! I'm in Boston, I have five blessings, four girls, 10,8,6 and 5 and my little guy who is 15 mos. I'm just beginning. I thought I was the only one who looked for the recipe I love in the same pile of magazines every time I want to make it! You have a new fan!

Deb said...

Aw, you made me cry! Wish I could have been there when E came home.