Friday, July 31, 2009

Two miracles in one day!

About a year ago, there was a tiny article in our newspaper saying that a new grocery store was coming to town. I don't even know why I bothered to read it. I never shop at local groceries—I go to the commissary at Quantico, which saves me tons of money. It's kind of a drag driving all the way up there every two weeks (it's about 30 miles from home), but it's what I do and I'm used to it. So I don't much care about stores closer to the house.

Then around April and May the marketing started. It would be bigger, better, have fresher produce, more selection of the things you buy every day, a huge organic department, meats cut to order, and on and on it went. By the time Wegman's opened on June 21, I was sick of the hype.

They say opening day was a madhouse with thousands of people showing up for the bargains like some Foodie Black Friday. My neighbor went just for the sport of it. I continued to ignore its existence.

But then Melanie had to ruin it all.

She had to go talking about yogurt and granola and about how this one particular granola is the best in the world, and there is no substitute, and just the right blend of crunch and sweet strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

And I had to have it.

Thus began my quest for Bear Naked Triple Berry Crunch. I started with the commissary, hoping above all hope that they would have something other than Cap'n Crunch and Cinnamon Life. No go. I tried Ukrops and Bloom, both known for having out-of-the-ordinary stuff of the healthy variety. Nada. I went to Walmart, Giant, and Bottom Dollar, even Aldi. No luck.

I realized I would have to swallow my pride and go to Wegman's.

I scoffed as I drove in the pristine parking lot at all the Cadillacs, Hummers, BMWs, and Lexuses (or is it Lexi?). "No wonder I never come here,"I thought, pulling my commonplace Honda into a space. I made my way across the cobblestone walkway leading into the store thinking, "Yeah, and I'm sure I'll pay dearly for that lovely sidewalk in the price of the food here."

I found the organic section and wandered through the aisles looking for my granola. And wouldn't you know it? There it was!

I felt repentance wash over me right there in front of the Kashi. Wegman's had succeeded where all other grocery stores in my area had failed. I pledged undying love to my newfound friend and promised to come back often, or at least whenever I needed more Triple Berry Crunch.

I made my way to the checkout feeling that all was right with the world. And then I saw it.

I wanted to shout! I wanted to kiss someone! I wanted to sing the praises of whomever was responsible for FINALLY getting one of these signs grammatically correct!

It's 15 items or FEWER!

I may not be able to sleep tonight for all the excitement.

Be thankful ~


PS. The triple berry crunch is every bit as incredible as Melanie said it was. I put it in Stonyfield Farms organic fat-free French vanilla yogurt. Seriously, this is not your ordinary granola. Find it at a Wegman's near you.


Catherine said...

Wegman's in Pocatello, Idaho? That WOULD be a miracle.

Enjoy! I was very fond of the Wegman's in New Jersey.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

ROFL You would notice that sign, wouldn't you?

And now you're making me want some yogurt and granola. Or an ice cream float. Haven't decided yet. Do my incomplete sentences bother you? Or are yyu lik mea-- tortrrd by bad speling? hehehe

Nicole said...

I love Wegmans! I was just there earlier this evening. Now that most the stores double coupons up to $.99, I no longer just shop at Shoppers.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny. I LOVE Wegmans, they are cheaper on a lot of stuff and we love the meat and produce we get from there. Of course taking the boys is fun, Bailor loves the train in the dairy section, Ashton likes the freebies, and of course if they are good they get to pick a candy down the bulk candy aisle. Let me know if you need more granola, I go there weekly.

Anonymous said...

Sooo, did you actually walk around Wegmans and see what all the hype was about?!!! I miss Wegmans so much. I used to look forward to going there every week when we were in NJ. Next time you go to pick up your special cereal, make sure to order one of their subs!

Danielle Hull said...

LOL! I cam over from the TOS Planner e-mail. I hate to admit that I never noticed the improper usage of grammar in those signs! I better sharpen up my skills and start reading the "higher level" grammar books before my kids need them ;-) My hubby may like for me to visit your blog, as I'll be happier afterwards! Be blessed!