Thursday, July 9, 2009

Not much, but at least you know I'm still alive.

Man-boy is in Switzerland now, after spending the first night and day in the Miami airport, flying to London the second night, spending that day seeing the sights (for the second time, poor thing), and flying the third night to Geneva. They arrived at their camp in Einigen at 4:30 Wednesday morning. Needless to say, no work got done. They slept, ate, did laundry (in their buckets), and slept some more. Here's where they are suffering for Jesus:

Not in that particular chalet (they don't call them houses over there). Man-boy's chalet has canvas sides with two bedrolls in it, but I don't feel sorry for him. It's 70 degrees and sunny with no humidity during the day, mid-fifties at night. He's in paradise—so what's a little construction work?

In other news, Ben brought home our flooring today, and it's stacked neatly in the dining room. It may take a while to put in, but it will be worth the wait.

And now, since I'm so tired I can't put another sentence together, I'm going to bed.

Be thankful ~



Catherine said...

Ah, flooring in the dining room. Good times. (I remember well when we had all kinds of renovation supplies stacked here, there and everywhere around the house).

What kind of flooring?

Leah said...

yeah we drove around that lake when we were going from Poland to Switzerland. It's a real hardship, hanging out in the Alps, lemme tell ya.