Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Hole

A couple of years ago, friends of ours were in a terrible accident (their van was hit by a loaded logging truck), and they lost their two-year-old daughter Katie. What a terrible, difficult, dark time it was for them! But God provides for every need we have, and this time was no different. Another couple, who had previously lost a child as well, were there to minister to them. Here's what Wylie told them:

When you first lose a child, there's a huge hole in your yard, right outside the door. You stand at the hole and suffer. You can't think about anything but the hole. After a while you can go in the house, but you stand at the window and stare at the hole. You walk out the front door and stop at the hole. You can't get past it. Every thought is of the hole. Eventually, you're able to sit down in the living room, knowing the hole is still there, but you don't just stand and stare at it anymore. You get back to your daily routine, every so often stopping to acknowledge the hole. At some point, you begin to laugh again, to take pleasure in life again. You can walk out of the house, nod at the hole, and go about your day. The hole will never go away. It will always be there, reminding you of what you're missing, but you've learned to live with the hole.

Praying for Marsha and David today, while they're learning to live with the hole.

Be thankful~


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MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

We definitely have a hole. But God is ever faithful to keep us from getting stuck in the depths of it! His grace allows us to bear it. His sacrifice allows us to look past it and to our eternal future. His Word guides us beyond it when our sight is too dimmed with tears. He helps us to press on.

Thank you, sweet Karen, for your prayers and your encouraging word! I am thankful for you, my friend!