Monday, June 22, 2009

TMI update

Remember when I said Elijah was going to The Lord's Boot Camp for two weeks in preparation for his mission trip? Well, part of boot camp is running the OC (obstacle course) every day at 6 a.m. But the first time they run it, they have to get instructions first and wind up running it at 2:30 pm. When he had his first run, it was Saturday afternoon. 97 degrees in the Florida swamps. Felt like 109, according to the Weather Channel. Here he is (on the left) swinging across the slough (sounds like slew)--a pit filled with muddy, nasty water. Wish I could be there to watch every minute.

For more photos of boot camp, go to the Teen Missions website and click on photos, then Super Boot Camp.

Be thankful ~


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Deb said...

Bet he fell in!