Friday, June 26, 2009

A Sticky Bean and TMI update!

Here he is in one of his rare quiet moments. It takes a full tummy, dry diaper, good air conditioning, a swing, and a pacifier to produce this. Isn't he perfect?

Yesterday Abbie and I met my dad at the National Gallery of Art in D.C. for a day of culture. Of course, that necessitates the riding of the D.C. Metro, which hasn't had such a great week, what with 9 people killed on Monday. On our way into the city in the morning, our train was in an underground tunnel when it stopped rather quickly. The operator announced that we were stopping because there was another train in front of us, to which everyone in the car replied, "Well, by all means, stop."

Then on the way home in the afternoon (during rush hour), at every station, our female operator would say, "Please stand clear of the doors. Doors closing. There is a another train behind me. Please stand clear of the doors," in a voice that bordered on panicky. Metro workers are understandably on edge these days, but I thought it was probably the safest time to ride.

Another letter from Elijah brings the news that he loves his team, hasn't fallen in the slough yet, and they've only had one SB (special blessing--a nasty job given to remind you not to do whatever it was that got you an SB in the first place). I miss that boy.

Be thankful ~


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