Saturday, May 9, 2009

Just for you, Noelle!

Noelle, my daughter's dear friend, was telling me today how sad it makes her when she comes to visit my blog and there's nothing new. Isn't that sad? But sweet at the same time, to think a lovely young lady would spend a precious minute visiting me here! So in Noelle's honor, here is a photo from today's graduation at JMU:

Focus on the grad in this picture. Between the humidity, wind, and hot flashes, my hair was not having its best day. The gold cords around her neck indicate that she graduated with honors. She was the youngest member of her graduating class of 3300+, at not yet 21. I'm so proud!

And on the same day, my baby turned 16. I feel like I'm on the downward side of a roller coaster, and it just keeps going faster and faster. Maybe that's what's wrong with my hair.

Anyway, it was a great day. Three down, two to go.

Be thankful ~


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Noelle W said...

Thanks! =) (thumbs up!)