Monday, April 13, 2009

This post doesn't even rate a title.

OK, so I'm a lousy blogger.

Yesterday we went to see my brother and his family and my mom and dad. Had a great day, ate great food, came home tired.

Today it's back to the grind. Elijah's been working on a yard job, Abbie and I had school, Mike went to work, and Ben and Leah are in SC for her master's audition and interview. Busy, busy, busy.

My only thought of consequence for the day is that Navy snipers rock. We need a sniper on every American vessel. THAT's how you stop piracy.

Be thankful ~



Becky said...

They do rock! : )

Eleanor Joyce said...

Totally agree on the Navy snipers. I thought about you when we were in DC and wondered where in Virginia you lived. We actually stayed in a cabin in Pohick Bay Regional Park, about a 10 minute drive to the Franconia Metro Stop. We only had 2.5 days - took a bus tour the first night, then did a lot of walking the next 2 days. The only museums we had time to go into were the American Indian one, and the Air and Space. We also did the zoo- had to see those giant pandas. We'd love to go back--this was just a quick overview, and we did manage to see (from the outside at least) everything on our list!