Monday, April 6, 2009

Random randomness of the random sort.

1. There are many things in life that I love, namely my husband and children, but in addition to those pretty important people, I love International Delight French Vanilla coffee creamer and Word's autosave function.

2. I realized today I have been much too busy to take care of my family properly when I came home from class and saw that my 15 year old son had made a cake. I think he's feeling neglected.

3. Abbie found out the hard way yesterday that some antibiotics cause sun-sensitivity. 20 minutes on the deck and she was red and splotchy. She's still itching.

4. Printer ink is really expensive. So is organic milk.

5. I would settle for being a mediocre photographer. Sadly, I think I will never attain that lofty goal.

6. A dog chasing a squirrel is deaf.

Be thankful ~


1 comment:

Leah said...

4. AND SO ARE VIOLIN STRINGS!!! *keels over*