Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She lives!

Yes, I'm still here, just busier than a one-armed paper hanger (no offense to one-armed paper hangers, it's just a really good expression).

So we went to Tennessee last week for Deb's baby shower and it was a ball. It's really nice having three other drivers--I think I only drove about five of the twelve hours going down. Deb cooked us great food (pretzel chicken) and we had fun just hanging out and eating. Are you sensing a theme here? We were all eating for two. Abbie discovered that Ben & Jerry's ice cream is made from milk and cream that comes from cows who are not given bovine growth hormone, so she can eat it without getting food poisoning. What a great excuse to buy really good, really expensive ice cream!

Here's the pregnant lady sitting on her birthing ball, which she says is the most comfortable seat in the house. Isn't she adorable?

Leah and I at Maggie Moo's. After we'd had a Jersey Mike's sub. They all said I eat ice cream faster than anybody they'd ever seen. I've had practice.

Abbie and Deb. Abbie got her non-hormone-laced ice cream at WalMart and brought it with her. Deb was eating dark chocolate ice cream with strawberries mixed in. Must be a pregnant thing.

Here are the two amigos (Nathan, Deb's brother-in-law, and Elijah) going to play soccer. They played two full games and Elijah said he could barely walk the next day.
At the shower, Deb using her belly as a table.
Gifts at the shower. The crib was made by Deb's father-in-law, and has only three sides on purpose. It fits up against the side of Deb's bed so she doesn't have to get out of bed to nurse the baby in the middle of the night. He also made a fourth side that can be attached later. It's pretty awesome. And Deb's belly is the big white blur in the lower left corner. She got really sick of me taking belly pictures.
And there you have it. I would never have gotten these pictures up here except that Abbie made it really easy and posted them on her facebook. Thanks, Ab.

Be thankful ~

Karen (Grammy)

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