Saturday, March 7, 2009

This and that.

You're right. I only blog when bad things happen.

But, surprise! This time, nothing bad happened. We actually had a bang-up day without anyone getting banged up.

Abbie and I finished three Excel projects and her math homework. I did laundry, ironed 13 shirts, made dinner, went to the store, baked a cake for Sunday School, and even answered a few e-mails. Not a bad day. We let the fire go out and opened all the windows to a lovely, warm breeze. It was heavenly after the months of stuffy, dusty wood heat. Not that I'm complaining--wood heat is toasty warm, but the dust and mess get old after a while, so I really enjoyed the clean air today.

No more choking, no more passing out. The black eye is now a bright yellow, and, for about ten minutes last night, no one was sick. That's right. Everyone was healthy. But now Elijah has a cold, so we're back to keeping the Lysol company in business.

I think I remember reading somewhere recently about keeping a spray bottle of either bleach and water or alcohol and water and spraying down the bathroom with it. It's got to be cheaper than those Lysol wipes (though they are really handy). It might have been at Econobusters. Those people are incredible--the things they find and share! Check out their site. They post money-saving tips many times a day. I'm heading there now to learn how to kill germs on the cheap.

Be thankful ~


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