Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Metaphor

Jenni over at One Thing has started a new theme day, Metaphor Monday. When I first read about it, it seemed like way too much work, trying to think up something so literary when I'm lucky to get the laundry started and dinner on the table. But she kept encouraging us to just look around, pay attention to the little things that happened, and we would see metaphors all around us. So I did. And I did. Well, sort of. I don't know if you can call this a metaphor, but it's the best I could do while deleting 7000 semi-colons in one week. You can either read through the drivel or skip to the end for the Monday Metaphor. And do check out Jenni's blog--hers is much better than mine.

I'm thinking the E-book I'm working on will never be finished. I'm not quite sure how 93 pages turns into more than a week, but this is kicking my posterior. So all in the spirit of good humor (not ice cream, though that's not a bad idea . . .) I'll share my hints and thrills of the day. In a list because I can. And eventually I'll get to the metaphor.

1. The semi-colon is a nifty little tool that is kind of like the spring-puller you use when you're doing drum brakes. You rarely use it, but when you need it, nothing else will do. Rarely is the key word in that sentence.

2. Auto-wrap is another nifty tool that you don't even have to think about using. Word does it automatically. That means you don't have to hit the "enter" key (the equivalent of the return on an old-fashioned typewriter) when you type. Just keep typing and Word automatically goes to the next line at just the right time. How cool is that? And then the editor doesn't have to delete a bajillion soft returns one at a time.

3. Widows and Orphans. I got an e-mail from a woman I work with last week asking me to look over a document that had already been edited, layed out, and was ready for publication. She said I should "just check the pull quotes, look for widows and orphans, make sure nothing odd happened, that kind of thing."

Naturally, I was thinking what you're thinking: widows and orphans? So I asked. She kindly sent me a link explaining them, which I have yet to open. I'm so dedicated.

Then today in computer class, I was having trouble with a paragraph that would not under any circumstances go where I told it to go. I tried every trick I knew, which didn't amount to much. Finally, I called the instructor over and asked her what was wrong. She tried a few different things and nothing worked. After pondering a few moments, she muttered, "I wonder if widows and orphans are enabled?"

My ears perked up and I said, "Hey, I've heard of those!" So she told me where to click and did you know there is actually a box that is labeled "widows and orphans"??? I thought maybe it was just some lame term someone came up with because he or she didn't know the technical name, but NO, they really are called "widows and orphans"!! The term refers to text that is not where it's supposed to be, looking lonely and scared.

So I was telling my children about this whole thing at the table tonight (they know the true meaning of "charity suffereth long") and Leah commented, "Well, the Bible does say to visit the orphans and widows in their affliction."

Does that count for a metaphor?

Honestly, my life is being taken over by thoughts of editing. It's sort of sad, really. But in a sick way, I enjoy it.

Be thankful ~


ps. And because my life has gotten so incredibly busy, I'm opting for a more soothing background. It's still a bit too bright, but it's closer to what I'm looking for. Don't be surprised if it changes again soon.


Jenni said...

Editing sounds like fun, in a sick and twisted way. LOL! I think your metaphor "counts"...I had never heard of widows and orphans being used in that way before, but it makes sense to me!

Thanks for playing along!


Faerylandmom said...

I think it qualifies. :-) The metaphor, I mean.

I'm here visiting from Jenni's.

eleanor joyce said...

You crack me up - the funniest is your take on your daughter's sign. Happy Birthday to her - and I love the dog picture up top on your blog now. Have a great weekend!