Friday, January 16, 2009

I have no creative title to put here. Sorry.

Two issues came up today that I want to clarify.

1. insure means to take out, or issue, insurance on--I insure my car or my life.

ensure means to make sure of something--I ensure I pay the premiums so I will always be insured.

2. There is no such grammatical construction as "my hair needs cut." If to be or not to be is the question, to be is the answer. My hair needs to be cut.

3. And just because I can, here's a third one: Leah is student teaching at a high school not far from home. She is required to wear an ID badge, so one was issued to her by the school. The badge includes proper procedures to follow in case of different types of emergencies. At the bottom, it says something like, "the person who's badge this is . . ." Did you catch that?

And they wonder why I teach my own children.

We won't mention the fact that I pointed out a missing hyphen on a well-known restaurant menu tonight. Ben says it's a sickness.

Be thankful ~


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Leah said...

Yeah. And I'm not well educated because I was home schooled. Please.