Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to school for me.

So I've started my class with Abbie - ITE 115. It's required for everyone at the community college, but I just wanted to learn a bit about Excel and Powerpoint. The class covers the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

Abbie and I started reading chapter one and, so far, we've learned that "click means to press the left side of the mouse and release" and I am not making this up. I'm so glad we spent $546 on tuition plus $88 for the book. It will be an invaluable resource, I'm sure.

Chapter one also told stories of way back when, when computers had to be given instructions line by line, and only understood certain words or groups of words, and only in a certain order. Geeks back then had to learn computer languages like BASIC and FORTRAN.

Yes. I know that history lesson is true because I lived it. When I was in college (when it was uphill through the snow both ways) we had to take classes in computer languages. The commands were typed into a little machine which then punched holes in a long, narrow, folding piece of cardstock (think hanging chads). The command sheet, as it was called, was then fed into a reader on the side of the computer and the computer would do what you told it to do. We made our computers do all sorts of fascinating and useful things like draw squares and add three digits. I don't think my life would be as well-rounded as it is today had I not taken that class, but I do wish we had figured out how to make it wash the dishes.

Be thankful ~


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