Friday, December 26, 2008

No one knows where it went.

I have had my face buried in my computer for most of the day trying to finish editing a resource list. When it was sent to me, the sender told me to just read through for spelling and punctuation errors, make sure all the links worked, stuff like that. She said it would only be minor stuff.

Then we talked on the phone and discussed editing for readability, deleting the redundant descriptions of similar products for a different grade levels, stuff like that.

Then I actually started working on it.

Oh, my word. It's much more of a disaster than she realized. I am rewriting and reformatting and moving things hither and yon (that's a technical term) in my feeble attempt to make the whole thing look nice and have consistency. At one point I had Ben in there trying to put bullets where I couldn't get them (not the gunpowder-filled kind, the little dot kind)(although I considered the gunpowder-filled kind).

I made it to page 61 of 69 and decided I'd had enough.

Oh, I kid. In reality, the family was screaming to be fed, so I made my now-famous turkey-dinner-in-a-dish--a layer of stuffing, a layer of turkey, a drizzle of gravy, topped with mashed potatoes and baked until it's all hot.

Sounds easy, doesn't it?

It's lying.

The stuffing is homemade--StoveTop won't do--with sausage and apples in it. The turkey is injected with Creole Butter marinade and deep-fried. OK, you got me on the gravy--it's out of a jar. Mashed potatoes? Don't you DARE try to feed my family fake ones. But if you plan well, you can make enough of everything at the actual turkey dinner, then hide the leftovers from the human garbage disposal (Elijah), to have what you need to make a quick and easy dinner one night. Those are big if's, but they pay big dividends, and with this economy, something needs to be paying dividends.

Believe it or not, I started this post with an idea for something witty and intelligent, but that something is apparently lost in my dopamine-induced stupor--turkey does that, you know. If I can think of what it was, I'll be back.

Be thankful ~


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