Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How much prodding do you need?

Oh, joy of joys, today was my favorite day of the year: the annual scraping of the cervix, to quote Miss Fiddle-dee-dee.

In fact, I have put off the supposed yearly physical for two and a half years now. Not because I dread it so much, but because I just didn't have the time.

Let me just pause here and tell you that that is the lamest excuse on the planet, and you should be ashamed of yourself for using it. Ahem.

So I was very much prodded into making my long-overdue appointment after reading DeeDee's lecture, because I, too, have a history of abnormal paps. The last atypical one was in 1985. That's 23 long years ago, but you know how they tell you you'll have to be vigilant for the rest of your life? They aren't kidding. It's the rest of your life.

Today I was told I have a polyp, no big deal, very common, we see these all the time, blah, blah, blah, and I kept nodding and smiling and thinking, "Am I really dumb enough to have done this? To have waited two and a half years? To take even the tiniest of chances with my family?" Because that's what it is - it's gambling with my family's future. My youngest wants to finish high school with ME as his teacher. My daughters want ME to be at their weddings and to hold their babies. My eldest wants ME to see him be commissioned into the Air Force. Ben wants ME. And without being conceited in the least, they need ME, not someone else.

Honestly, if I die, who will clean up the dog hair?

So my appointment with the next doctor is being made, as is the one for the annual smooshing of the boobs. I can't wait. I have a new perspective.

What about you? Are your most-loved appointments overdue? Go make them right now. Go.

Be thankful ~



Brother Ben said...

I'll clean up the dog hair if you will promise to never be late again with your physical... LU!

Deb said...

From now on when I call you on your birthday it won't be to say happy birthday. I'll be asking if you've made your appointments yet...Love you!