Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The very long weekend.

My brain is still spinning from the activity of the last two days.

Saturday was the day of Leah's recital at her University two hours away. Since Deb had not seen her yet, Deb, Abbie and I left the house at 9:30 to get there a few hours early. We all had lunch together then went to Leah's apartment to "hang out" and yak. Abbie did Leah's hair, we set up a reception in the music building, and it was time for the recital.

We've been nervous about this because of the trouble Leah has been having with tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. But she's been being very careful, wearing her brace and taking her NSAIDs.

We had nothing to worry about. She played beautifully, piece after piece. It was just incredible. My one picture didn't come out great because I couldn't use a flash, but since it's the only one I have and I am a VERY proud mama, I'll share it anyway.

She played Aaron Copeland's Hoedown for her encore, and it was just fabulous. Her accompanist was the best; he really helped showcase her talent. If you want to listen to a great version of this piece (not hers), you can go here and click where it says "listen to hoedown." She really was phenomenal and brought us all to our feet. And I only cried a little - aren't you proud of me?

After the recital we had the obligatory reception, then went out for pizza with eighteen people. This would normally have been fairly easy, but her University just happened to have a home football game that day which was over about the same time as her recital. Franco's was jammed. My mom and dad got there first and commandeered four booths in the back, so we all played musical seats and shared eight pizzas. I just love hanging around with my family and a bunch of teenagers. They're all so fun!

Sunday morning we went to church. I had anticipated a busy weekend and made a pot of chicken chili earlier in the week, so we came home to dinner in the crockpot (I do love my crockpot!). I put one of my famous coffee cakes in the oven and started getting things together for a baby shower I was to host Sunday night after church.

One of Ben's co-workers came by in the afternoon with his wife to pick up some firewood. We sat and had cake and tea (I don't know why they call it coffee cake when we eat it with tea) with this couple and all I could think was, "If you put a spacesuit and helmet on this guy, he could be Buzz Lightyear." I kept expecting him to yell, "To infinity. . .and beyond!"

Buzz and his wife left twenty minutes before I needed to, so I had little time to throw all the shower stuff in the car and get to church. The girls and I set up the room and did what little decorating I can manage (not my strong suit, by any means) and I spent the first twenty minutes of the service working on my devotion.

Clearly, I lack Girl Scout training.

After church the ladies started coming into the room where the shower was being held. Like clowns out of a circus car, they kept coming and coming. Deb finally leaned in close and whispered, "Do I need to go to the store for more food?" to which I desperately answered, "YES. Take my credit card."

She and Abbie brought more food in while we played a dumb shower game and listened to an ill-prepared devotion. Everyone ate, the mommy-to-be got a zillion adorable pink outfits, we had enough food, no one complained about the game or the devotion, and a wonderful time was had by all.

So it all worked out, though I had my doubts at times. God surely picks up the slack, of which I have an excess.

Now it is Tuesday, I am struggling with Word Markup, getting a cold, and it's just started snowing. I feel a long nap coming on.

Be thankful ~


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Aww, don't get sick! Take your garlic!