Thursday, November 20, 2008

Now, there's an idea!

A while back I signed up for a free stat counter for the blog. I thought it would be interesting to see the numbers and find out what brings people here. I'm almost wishing I hadn't.

I just found out that the number one, most often queried phrase that brings people to my blog is "women with wide hips." Did I really want to know that?

The most recent searcher of that phrase is from Canada. Others hail from Birmingham and London in the UK, Mexico, and Texas. Wide hips really are a universal problem.

I think I need a new hobby.

In other news, my sons are going camping tonight with a few friends. Here's what says about tonight's forecast:

TodayNov 21
Partly Cloudy / Wind

Do you see that last number? That's tonight's anticipated temperature.

Leaving your cozy bed for a 21 degree tent must be a guy thing. I wonder if wide hips would keep them warmer?

Be thankful ~


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