Monday, November 24, 2008

Bensrib: saying what the rest of the world wishes they could say.

Elijah had a cold last week. Abbie has it now. I hate colds because I am a somewhat of a germophobe. I make the sickies cough into a hand towel, and I bleach it when they're through. I make them wash their hands incessantly, and I become a doorknob and lightswitch Nazi. The house smells of disinfectant. They have to wash their hands before they can use the computer, and we put the TV remote in a baggie to keep it germ-free. I hate colds.

Today I am going to call my mother and tell her that two of the children are sick. She may decide she and my dad won't come for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday because they don't want to get it. That may sound silly to some of you, but when you're 73 you will probably feel differently about it. My dad had the flu last year and it took him a very long time to get back to normal. So we're careful.

Last night at church I had the following conversation with Elijah's friend, C:

C: Hi Mrs. Sargent! Where's Elijah?

Me: He's home sick with your cold.

C (looking puzzled): What?

Me: Yeah. The one you gave him when you came to church sick.

C: That was two weeks ago!

Me: Well, he got it. And now Abbie has it too.

C: Well, tell him I missed him and I hope he feels better.

C completely missed the meaning of this conversation. I would like to say I speak for mothers everywhere when I say please stay home if you are sick. But I don't think I do, since so many mothers bring their kids sick. So I'll speak for my family.

Please stay home if you are sick. Please. We don't think you are more godly if you come to church coughing and sneezing and blowing and then shaking 30 people's hands during hand-shaking time. We think you are inconsiderate. Please stay home, drink your fluids, and get better quickly. We'll pray for you. But please keep your germs to yourself.

Be thankful (I wonder if we have to be thankful when people give us their colds?)~


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