Monday, November 24, 2008

And it squirts! What more could you ask?

I am all about promoting good health. At my house we eat a good, balanced diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and have our annual physicals. I learned the good diet part from my mother, the woman who fed me liver and onions every Friday of my childhood because it is so full of iron. She's the one who taught me to be an avid label reader. So it was no surprise when I got this e-mail from her this morning:

No need to buy Cool-Whip!!! I am bringing two cans of light cream, whipped. Most supermarkets have it now - and we like it because it tastes good - just not heavy like regular whipping cream - and it doesn't contain any "partially-hydrogenated palm or coconut oil" - both really bad for arteries!! Your father thinks he's in heaven when he can shake the can and put that mostly-air light cream on his pie!!

Can you tell she's excited!!! about the light cream!!! in a spray can, no less!!! with no hydrogenated palm oil!!!

So I replied that I had just bought two cans yesterday after seeing it in the commissary. I had a can in the refrigerator which was supposed to be put on pancakes with strawberry sauce, but the human garbage disposal (Elijah) found it last week. In true teenage-guy fashion, he popped the lid off, threw his head back, and squirted it right in his mouth. He's learned to eliminate the middleman. So it is entirely feasible that he will have the other two empty by Thursday. I told Mom to bring hers.

Be thankful ~


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Jennifer said...

Oh..the simple pleasures of life!!