Monday, November 3, 2008


Saturday Abbie and two friends went to our area's quaint little downtown and had fun taking pictures. Abbie and Joy are aspiring photographers, and Joy happens to have a really dandy camera and some fun editing software. Here are a few of the best shots.

Boo on the train tracks. This picture is posted on facebook and they've gotten all manner of comments about safety and such. I'm sure they were careful to put an ear on the tracks and listen for trains, right girls?

Joy in a well-lit alley in broad daylight. See? They really do understand safety.

Abbie, doing absolutely not-one-single-thing that's unsafe. See, Dad?

On the city dock. The only thing she lacks is a life preserver, but that wouldn't make for such a good picture, would it?
Don't we always worry about our kids when they are out of our sight? Seriously, girls this beautiful almost shouldn't be allowed to go out in public!
I'm thrilled and thankful that my daughter has such great friends.
Be thankful ~


Gwendolyn said...


JenIG said...

so beautiful! ...such a lovely family you have.

Brother Ben said...

So... Who took the picture of Boo on the tracks!?