Sunday, October 12, 2008

Apples and doggies and Thunderbirds.

Yesterday I didn't write because we were at the Graves Mountain Apple Harvest Festival. It was a gorgeous day in the mountains of west central Virginia and we went to the festival with our Sunday School class.

This guy is stirring apple butter over a fire. Can't you just taste it?

There was a hay bale maze:

And lots of people brought their dogs. Abbie wants this one. Look at him gazing lovingly into her eyes. In case you're wondering, he's an English bulldog.

There was a group of vintage T-birds where Abbie found her dream car.

And Ben found his dream truck - a '57 Chevy. See that walnut tree behind it? It's actually growing right up through the middle of the frame.

Here we all are enjoying the T-birds and scenery.

We came home with half a bushel of Mutzu apples, five of which are now in a pie. Seriously, five apples made a ten-inch, deep-dish pie. They're massive. I see a lot of pies in my future.

Today I'm trying to recover while getting ready for Tim to come visit. More about Tim tomorrow.

Be thankful ~



daniel said...

wow that sounds like fun could you send me a pie?

Deb said...

I want apples! I missed the apple truck at Merles-they came last week:(