Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My brush with fame included 23,000 people.

My effort to actually shake Sarah Palin's hand was completely blown out of the water today. Off the map. We might as well have been in separate universes. I thought that by leaving my house at 6:30 for an 11 am rally I was doing well, but apparently 22,999 other people left earlier. Here they are:

Security guys told us the line began forming at 3 am.

When Mike called me on my cell phone at 9 we were just parking and still had to walk a MILE to get to the end of the line which led through the security checkpoints. He laughed when I told him we were just getting there and said, "Oh Mom, you'll be in the nosebleed seats."

For sure.

We stood way up on a hill where the view was mostly blocked by tree branches and gargantuan speaker systems, but when the breeze blew just right the branches moved and we had a great, if not extremely far away, view of whomever was speaking.

Kudos to the person who invented telephoto lenses. And Elijah's camera has a great one. Abbie's too. Here's Gov. Palin speaking:
Still it was fun and not something we get to do every day, even given our close proximity to the Capital. So now we're home trying to catch up on sleep, do some schoolwork, and get ready for church tonight.

Campaigns are exhausting. Good thing I'm just a spectator.

Be thankful ~



Leah said...

I. AM. SO. JEALOUS. Nosebleed seats? Try being this far away! Dude that's awesome that you guys got to be there!

Daniel said...

i must agree just being there must have been pretty neat!